Enjoy Raze 2

Raze 2The interesting Raze 2 game is basically about war between the human race and the aliens. Have you ever imagined you fighting an alien before like how it’s done in movies? Well, relax, in raze 2 you are given a chance to either fight the aliens in human form and save the human race or destroy the human race as an alien by fighting the human race! All this fighting is done using different weapons of war that you are provided with. Talk of shields, big sharp knives just to mention but a few.

Raze 2 basically was created for entertainment. It is a very good source of entertainment. It’s one of breath capturing games that one feels so nice while playing. To, you start by creating an account, if online, before proceeding and it’s just a simple step to keep your account private from unauthorized access and alteration. It also gives options to look for achievements, play other games, confirm the credits, and play a quick match among others. Where else can you find all these fun apart from Raze 2?Shooting in the game is done through clicking the right mouse button while selecting of another weapon or going back to the previous one, you press the shift and enter keys mutually. In cases where you need to use certain armaments, it is done by using the number keys on the keyboard (these are keys that contain numbers 1-9) the game is paused by using two keyboard keys, the Esc and the P button on the keyboard.