Enjoy Raze 4

Raze 4Raze 4 is a barnstorming, futuristic, shoot them based platform flash game. It gives the player a heroic role as a specialized agent force roaming on earth with the challenge of eliminating ghastly aliens as zombies. The player is armed with absolute plethora weapons including missiles ready for war against the zombie invade. The zombie aliens are determined to destroy the world, and the player is entrusted with the responsibility of saving it. The player needs to accurate shooting skills by running, dodging, jumping, weaving and jet-pack through each level in a ruthless battle strategy.

How to Play: Raze 4 has distinct game modes including Deathmatch, Last stand, steal and the flag, among others. In the main window of the game, select local save and continue. A dashboard appears where you can click options to toggle music and sound, and the simulation preferences. In addition Raze 4, has two missions with addictive nature for players- the Alien Campaign and Human Campaign.

Controls: Raze 4 can use [W[ [A] [S] [D] or arrow keys for control direction navigations. The Up Arrow and W successively perform a double jump. The mouse is used for aiming a click to fire. The F or Ctrl keys make use of the light-saber for deflecting weaponry. [1,2,3,4,5,6,7] or [Q] are used to select the weapons available on the top of the Raze four-screen while the space bar can be used for a single jump. The Player can also choose different weapons at various stages or even by using the credit earned from a series mode.

Raze 3 weaponsRaze IV has bigger weaponry than the lower series of Raze. They are upgraded and efficient. A player has to buy them from the shop using points they earned from previous battleships. It also comes with additional perks for different characters including the special sword, health and many more from the Raze shop.

This epic virtual survival Raze series in an all-action which leaves all stones turned into the battlefield. The player has physically to display their braveness, good instincts, reactions, savvy keyboard tapping to eliminate the alien with minimum fuss. This game can be played by everyone regardless of whether they had performed earlier Raze series or not. All a player needs excellent planning, smartness, and superb focus. Save the world from the alien inversion by killing them in action play Raze 4. Kill all the walking dead and make the world a better place playing an amazing Raze 4 virtual game.